How we built a web-app on top of Tinder that allows you to add your friends to your Tinder matches.

Update October 2020: This web-app is no longer maintained.


For us, Tinder can be a roller coaster of amazing dates, awful dates, unrealistic expectations, pleasant surprises, validation, and disappointment. We find it much more fun to swipe and message on your friends’ phones, perhaps because it distances you from expectations and consequences.

But what if you there was an app where you could add your friends to your matches, and they can message on your behalf? …

It’s a quiet Saturday night. You’re 3 craft beers and two glasses of Franzia deep. You and your three friends are battling it out in a game of Santorini: New York, the latest Santorini expansion. The game features exquisitely intricate replicas of New York’s famous buildings, and as your anal friend approaches his sixth minute of thinking, your mind starts to wander (and your butt starts to tingle).

Which Santorini building would you most want to stick up your butt?

  1. Chrysler Building

How much of board games is luck? The answer is obvious for games like Chess and Go, which are entirely skill, but our sense of skill versus luck quickly deteriorates for games that involve randomness of any sort. How can we quantify how much of Catan, Carcassone, or 7 Wonders is luck? If we can’t quantify them in absolute terms, can we quantify them relative to one another?

As a big fan of BoardGameArena, I set out to rank the more popular games on the site and came up with the following ranking.


I started out by thinking about how…

My attempt to get 99 mining in the MMORPG Runescape using TensorFlow, OpenCV, and human mouse movements. This guide is purely for educational purposes.

Power-mining 3 iron ores in Al-Kharid

David Papp

Software, BMX, and Seinfeld. Olin College of Engineering.

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